Final Project Switchup

So originally my plan was to provide my family with a documentative video about my great-grandfather however, to use WW2 clips you must pay an absurd amount of money to have the rights so instead I decided to make a video for all of my friends showcasing the funniest moments of our time together. This meant a lot to me as my friends mean the world to me and to be honest I would not be who I am without each and every person shown in this video. I collected several clips from them over the past week and have been cutting them together for comedic timing. Also, I am going to have them all over at my house after break and have a watch party for this video so we can all reminisce the days when we could be immature with no consequences.

Final Summary: All in all this project was difficult to make just because there were over 75 clips to insert. I also had a lot of problems formatting due to the majority of the videos coming from an iPhone camera. This class has taught me so many skills for my future career and this final project showed that. I did not make the background beat however, I did try to go in and slow the beat down to showcase the nostalgic sadness that I feel when I watch this. In addition, I had to use a separate video editing software than what I used for previous video projects which made the process more difficult as I had to learn new software. Also the format for this video was put into H-264.

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