My Goals for ds106 this semester.

This year my goals mainly focus around increasing my portfolio of skills in my future career. I am planning on becoming a journalist after college so taking this course has been on my radar for a while now. To begin I would like to learn the fundamentals of digital creation in the form of making websites. In addition, it would be helpful to learn how to create a blog website that not only expands my platform for future endeavors but to learn how to create something visually appealing something that almost draws someone in to read my posts. My other main goal is to expand my thought in the creative process, experimenting with digital creations that I’ve never considered adding to my palate.

Introduction Multimedia Collage!

This is my first ever twitter account I believe… so let me know if I’m doing anything wrong.
So this is my old Youtube channel and this is my first video. I’ve always loved video games they have been a huge passion of mine since I was 6. It’s not the best quality however it marks a significant point in my life where I ventured into the world of digital creation.
This is my Soundcloud introduction, I’ve always enjoyed music I always have it on whenever I’m doing something and recently got into producing music.

Bob Ross – Mountain Highway

Since my days of middle school I have seen Bob Ross pop in and out of our culture as a significant icon. Whether it be astounding paintings he made in his long time running television show, simple quotes or videos from social media that captivate how genuine of human being he was. Every time I watch Bob Ross I get a feeling of easement to my perhaps stressful day. Ross’ lessons as well stick with those who watch his show by using simple yet powerful painting to life comparisons that strengthen ones own mental state. In this particular episode Ross’ goal is to create a Mountain Highway view with powerful colors such as Sap Green or Titanium white that really generate the emphasis of nature in his work. Ross creates a “highway” of nature by painting a long sky blue stream surrounded by stones and trees that flow directly to under a mountain he illustrates in the background of the painting. The most important takeaway I feel as though Ross mentions in this video was during his time creating the pine trees. “Trees are like people, they have personalities. Each one’s different, each one’s individual is unique and different. So don’t worry about it if your tree doesn’t look like the others.” Ross’ goal this episode was to show that mistakes will be made but to not to fret over the mistakes but rather to own them and learn from them.