The Sounds of Horror

For this radio show idea, I thought it would be cool to sit down with the group and create a potential horror story narrative. I feel as though we could record about a ten-minute story then for the next 10 to 20 minutes we just discuss the process in which we created this story. How much time it took us, what kind of software did we use, did we create the sound effects ourselves, etc. It would also help to compare our work to the Week 5 learning content in order to further the connection between the class and the radio show.

The Importance of Sound.

First of all, I must say that was amazing to listen to. I had no idea that audio stories even existed like this unless they were true crime-related. Moon Graffiti was a perfect example of how blending sounds in a specific order along with a form of communication and narrative can create something that feels exhilirating as result. The use of the eerie music in the story definitely made me feel as if someone was watching me or that I was not supposed to listen to this. In addition to the eerie music, the use of sound effects to create the feeling of listening to old radio devices and the sound effects from the ship crashing was remarkable. They drive the story to feel so much more real and exciting whilst providing a way to give a personal sense of imagery.

My TDC’s for the week.

I learned how to officially photo edit this week so doing some of these daily creates was a learning experience in itself as I scoured youtube in order to learn this editing. I will say is the editing software I have enjoyed the most using this week.

The King Himself

Ds106 GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

For the Favorite Musician GIF assignment, I decided to make a GIF of Kendrick Lamar. He is my all-time favorite rapper, I have been listening to him since I was about 12. Again this GIF was pretty easy to make with the website however, I did struggle to find a decent video to use the GIF for but this one for the song, “King Kunta,” was perfect.

Photograph Analysis

Whilst taking into account the several aspects of photography mentioned in, “Telling Stories in Photos” I looked through my phone camera roll to see what I have for comparison to these aspects. In the first photograph, I actually used quite a bit of photo editing with the app VSCO where I heavily contrasted and saturated the picture whilst also including a filter. I believe the lighting was perfect in this photo due to the snow in the background and just the light of that day being as gray as it was set up the saturation of the filter nicely. I believe the picture gives off a blue feeling just due to the dark colors and time of day.

The second photo is a photo I took in Texas a couple of months ago where I found this strange symbol on a sidewalk next to a subdivision. In terms of perspective, the photo is unique since it is not just a regular stand-up taken picture as I knelt to the ground to take this. However, the picture lacks depth as there are only really three different pieces you can examine. The grass, the sidewalk, and the symbol itself. I do feel as though the photo is unique and excels in many aspects such as moment, selection, and balance.

The third photo I chose is from a street view outside a museum in Dallas Fort-Worth, Texas. I believe this photo has a lot of depth, however, in my opinion, it lacks in every other aspect. I feel like I see pictures like this all the time so there is no unique aspect other than the fact it tells the story of how I went to Texas.

An A1 Photographer

My photography experience has not been alive for that long. Only about three years ago is when I started to really enjoy taking pictures of things. I usually go on to take pictures that bring me some sort of nostalgia. That nostalgia may be linked to memory with my friends where for example we may have gone hiking. Another instance may be when the picture is an overview of a landscape or the picture is just of something odd I found on the ground. I believe photos have a lot of power and can often tell more of a story than that of a recollection of words. Now I like to take pictures of my friends when they are just chilling because when I go back and look at them a year later, so many memories just reemerge. In terms of taking what some may call “aesthetically pleasing pictures” I lack in that department. I believe a new tactic for creating better-looking pictures may be to use some sort of photo filter or perhaps a photo editor software to adjust some of the colors to make it pop.

Weekly Summary #3

I really did enjoy this week of digital creation. I got to do one of my favorite things in the world which are to write! This week I created several pieces of short “literature” or “digital creation” and shared them with the class and have had some positive feedback. This week really allowed me to open up to writing again because I actually had stopped for a while because I felt as though I was in writer’s block, however, this class has proceeded to get my creative juices flowing. As a result, I felt as though I made some pretty decent pieces of work/storytelling throughout the week. In addition, learning the parts of a story from part of Bryan Anderson’s Book and Kurt Vonnegut’s knowledge gave me a structure to go off of for storytelling and yet opened my eyes to ways, unknown to me, that digital authors go about creating their stories. Overall it was an enjoyable week of ds106 and I am looking forward to being challenged in the following week! Below are all the links to my pieces this week.

A letter to my favorite person.

The Perspective of the Virginia Hall Fountain.

Dear little Mason.

Forget for a second.