Daily Creates for Week #7

I liked this week’s daily creates because I got to post a lot of environmentally friendly pictures as you can see with this recycled bouquet!
If the world was without social media at this point I feel as though it would explode. Which is a bad thing… but nevertheless there is always morse cord to communicate with!
Just think about it. A solar powered bike?! How cool would that be to have and you aren’t using all that dinosaur feel in the end. Gotta save the world at the end of the day.

Most of these daily creates I found on the internet. I was looking to create a narrative with some of them however pertaining to the environment with the use of the solar-powered bicycle and a recycled bouquet of flowers.

Weekly Summary #6





This week was an interesting week in the world of ds106 as we looked into the world of Graphic Design. I did not really know anything about the world of Graphic Design at first, I mainly assumed it was more of a marketing thing to make money. However, when I read about Chip Kidd it changed my persepctive on the Graphic Design world. I found paint.net to be the most useful tool for editing Graphic Design pieces. I had a fun experience this week as I got to play one of my favorite games (Minecraft) which I see in a new light now as I see it as a piece or means of Graphic Design.

My Childhood.

I feel as though Minecraft really shaped everyone’s childhood creativity as you can literally make anything on that game! But for this ds106 design assignment, I just hopped on Minecraft on my Xbox and went into creative mode, and proceeded to grab my favorite kind of material which is birchwood. Then just made a basic square with some glass just to showcase the view in the back.

License to Drive

I chose not to add a state because I feel like that ruins the potential look of a license plate. Anyways my process here was begun with looking up a license plate designer then I basically took several shapes to create this pattern and then added the ds106 as the cherry on top. I figured why should I just make a conventional license plate when I can just make an artful license plate.

Aye! Why he on Vogue?

If you have Snapchat you basically turn into a photo editing genius automatically as the app has access to thousands of filters, you can make stickers out of images you cut from a picture you have just taken, and the app allows you to text your friends. Anyways, basically I just looked up a Vogue filter on Snapchat then proceeded to use the add text option on Snapchat to make this “masterpiece”

Design Thoughts

In a way, it is fascinating to me the way the world of graphic design functions. I figured most of the time companies of graphic design have a team of individuals who look to the market to make the most money. However, when looking at the way Chip Kidd takes pride in his work and seemingly wants to extend his creative ethic towards kids who delve into the world of graphic design, it is fascinating. Using warm colors versus colder colors, using symmetry and asymmetry, and using complexity versus simplicity to make graphic design pieces come to life makes me see the field in an entirely new light. One can just listen to the passion Kidd has for his work in the several SoundCloud excerpts the article provided. I never knew that these pieces had so many layers of design principles stacked in them and this will help me get creative in my weekly assignments as I seek to capitalize on the principles I witnessed in reading this article.

Weekly Summary #5

This weekly summary was a lot of fun! Luckily I have access to FL studio so a lot of sounds editing becomes very simple on there. I have always enjoyed any form of audio whether it be a podcast, music, or even audio. This week was challenging as I felt I spent the most time out of any week this semester on our audio assignments but I also felt this was the most creative week I had due to this issue of time. I even learned more about FL studio that I did not know about such as making a song sound like it was in the other room and the fact that there is a free sound website!